The Bookman's Corner
Hosted by Lois Lindstrom
A half-hour interview/discussion TV program featuring authors and critics on books of note, with topics ranging from politics and history to culture and science.
Comcast Channel 69 and Verizon Channel 38 - Arlington, Va.

Tuesday's @ 9:30AM and Thursday's @ 8PM.

The Bookman's Corner is committed to books—the people who write them and the people who read them.

The BOOKMAN'S CORNER began airing in September 1988 on Channel 33 on Arlington Community Television in Arlington, VA (now Channel 69 on Arlington Independent Media.) Producer Charles Goolsby hosted the series until December 2008. Through more than two decades, it has featured a wide range of authors, whose works ran from philosophy to banjo playing; poetry to politics; and faith to fiction.

Lois Lindstrom
Lois Lindstrom

The current host for the BOOKMAN'S CORNER is Lois Lindstrom, who co-hosted a cable TV show, "Metropolitan Magazine" on Channel 10, a public affairs program reaching viewers in Fairfax County, Virginia in the early 1990's. She began hosting the BOOKMAN'S CORNER in January 2009 and is currently hosting the monthly TV program in Arlington, VA. She and her co-author, Karin Wiking, published an e-book in 2013 titled Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse: From WWII Missions to Mother Teresa. Lois is a freelance journalist and her work has been published in the Washington Post, the Washington Times and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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